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Kwik Card Plus Credit Card

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Card Benefits

Kwik Card Plus Credit Cardholders Enjoy:

  • Earning a 5% Kwik Rewards rebate on gasoline during the 60 day introductory period
    • Can be extended to 60 days if the customer decides to sign up for EFT and E-Statements
  • Earn 3¢ per gallon after introductory period
  • Earn 10% rewards on most in-store items such as:
    • Milk
    • Bread
    • Bananas
  • Opt to donate Kwik Rewards rebates to a favorite charity or organization
  • No annual fee, card fees, or over the limit fees
  • Cardholders may request additional Kwik Cards at no additional cost

Annual Fee ($)


Qualifying Transaction(s) Bonus?


Foreign Transaction(s) Fee (%) in USD


Purchase APR (%)


Min Interest Charge ($)


Avoid Paying Interest

  • Kwik Trip will not add a Finance Charge for any Billing Period for which both previous and current Outstanding Balances are paid in full by their respective due dates (20 days from the date the monthly statements are issued); otherwise a Finance Charge will begin to accrue on each purchased item from the date the charge is posted to the cardholders Kwik Card Account (except for Minnesota where the Finance Charge will begin to accrue on each purchased item from the beginning of the next Billing Period after the charge is posted to member's Kwik Card Account).

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