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Card Benefits

BP Visa Cardholders:

  • If individuals choose but do not qualify for the BP Visa, they will then automatically be considered for a BP Card, unless they have requested not to be considered for this card.
  • 5¢ in cents per gallon rebates for every $100 in all other purchases made 
  • The BP Card can only be used at BP locations and has different rates, fees, benefits, rewards, and credit availability. 
  • The rewards earned in this program are called cents per gallon Rebates ("Rebates"). 
  • Purchases made at non-BP gas stations do not earn Rebates in this Program. 
  • For the first 60 days from account opening members will earn Rebates at a rate of $.0025 for each $1 (which equates to 25¢ in Rebates for each $100) of net purchases. 
  • After the first 60 days from Account opening they will earn Rebates at a rate of $.0015 for each $1 (which equates to 15¢ in Rebates for each $100) of net purchases made at participating BP locations and $.0005 for each $1 (which equates to 5¢ in Rebates for each $100) of all other eligible Net Purchases.
  • The promotional offer to earn Rebates at a rate of $.0025 for each $1 is valid only for first-time card members with new accounts; previous and existing card members/accounts are not eligible. 
  • When members use their card at participating BP stations and choose to redeem, the price per gallon will be reduced by their available Rebate amount in 1 cent increments to a minimum of 10.9¢ per gallon — this means cardholders can never reduce their price per gallon to zero; you'll always have to pay at least 10.9¢ per gallon.
  • Rebates used to lower your price per gallon of gas at the pump are good for a one time fill of up to 20 gallons. Rebates expire at the end of 12 calendar months after the month the Rebates are earned


Annual Fee ($)


Qualifying Transaction(s) Bonus?


Foreign Transaction(s) Fee (%) in USD


Purchase APR (%)

19.24% (V)

Min Interest Charge ($)


Avoid Paying Interest

  • The due date will be a minimum of 21 days after the close of each billing cycle
  • Visa will not charge periodic interest on any portion of new purchases billed to a statement that Visa allocates such payment to, so long as the cardholders current statement shows that Visa received payment of the entire balance for their previous statement by the time the Minimum Payment was due
  • Cardholders may not be able to avoid interest on new purchases if they have another balance at a higher interest rate, unless if they pay their balance in full each month, because Citibank will generally allocate payments to a higher rate balance first
  • Citibank will begin charging interest on balance transfers, cash advances, and overdraft advances on the transaction date

Max Late Payment Fee ($)


Max Returned Payment Fee ($)


Max Overlimit Fee ($)


Penalty APR (%)

29.99% (V)

When Penalty APR Applies

The Penalty APR will apply to a cardholders account if they:

  • Fail to make any Minimum Payment by the date and time due (late payment)
  • Exceed their credit line
  • Make a payment that is returned unpaid, or
  • Do any of the above on another account or loan this company or any of their related companies

How Long Penalty APR Applies

  • If APRs are increased for any of these reasons, the Penalty APR will apply indefinitely to future transactions
  • If cardmember does not make any Minimum Payment within 60 days of the date and time due, the Penalty APR will apply to all outstanding balances and future transactions on the Account; but if cardmember makes six consecutive Minimum Payments when due, beginning immediately after the increase, the Penalty APR will stop being applied to transactions that occurred prior to or within 14 days after cardmember was provided with notice about the APR increase

Balance Transfer APR (%)

19.24% (V)

Balance Transfer Fee (%)


Cash Advance APR (%)

23.24% (V)

Balance Transfer Fee ($)


Cash Advance Fee (%)


Cash Advance Fee ($)


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