Rewards Programs In Points Credit Cards

  • Visa Rewards Program Visa Rewards Program

    • Get the Rewards Visa Card and get $30 instantly as an Gift Card

    • Online Account Management
    • Earn points for all Purchases
    • Unlimited Points - No Earning Caps
    • No Points Expiration
    • No Annual Fees
    • Redeem for rewards without waiting
  • Chase

    Chase Ultimate Rewards
    • No blackout dates or restrictions on airfare or hotel accommodations
      • When members book travel through Ultimate Rewards
    • Gift cards to stores, restaurants and travel partners
    • Merchandise from top brands in electronics, home entertainment, music and more
    • Exclusive Experiences
    • Cash back
    • Plus, many more ways to get rewarded
    • Points never expire
    • There is no limit to the number of points members can earn or redeem


    • The Ultimate Rewards web site is a convenient place for all travel planning needs
    • Book flights and hotels
    • When booking travel online through Ultimate Rewards and cardholders use their eligible Chase card, they'll earn 1 additional point per $1 spent

     Get 25% More Value for Points

    • Points are worth 25% more when redeemed for travel through Ultimate Rewards
    • This is available for select Chase Sapphire Preferred and Ink Plus cards

    Fly Without Restrictions

    • Redeem points for tickets on most major airlines and fly any class, anywhere
    • If a seat is available, cardholders can redeem it, there are no restrictions
    • No blackout dates
    • Cardholders can redeem the number of points they wish, and pay the rest with their Chase card – there is no minimum number of points that must be redeemed

    Plan Air Travel and More

    • In addition to booking award flights, members can reserve hotels, car rentals and more

    Transfer Ultimate Rewards Points

    • Members can transfer Ultimate Rewards points at full value to participating frequent traveler programs with select Chase Sapphire and Ink from Chase cards
      • For example, if a cardholder has a balance of 89,000 British Airways miles and want an airline ticket to London that requires 100,000 miles
        • Simply transfer 11,000 Ultimate Rewards points to their British Airways account to make up the difference

    Travel Partners

    • Amtrak
    • British Airways
    • Continental Airlines
    • IHG
    • Marriott

    Travel Getaways

    • Ultimate Rewards offers an exceptional selection of travel getaways that include accommodations, activities, events, and more
    • Chase will even help cardmembers plan a custom package

    Cash Back and More

    • Redeem Ultimate Reward points for a check
    • Or turn a recent purchase of almost anything made with the Chase card into a reward

    Get Cash Back

    • If cardmembers want to reward themselves with cash back, they can do that as well
      • Redeem for a check, starting at just 2,000 points for a $20 check

    Cardholders can Pay Themselves Back

    • Simply pay for any purchase with the Chase card
    • Then redeem points in the form of a statement credit for that purchase, starting at 2,000 points for $20.


    • Redeem points or use the Chase card for great entertainment including concerts, sporting events, fine dining and more
    • Cardholders can also take part in one of the new online auctions, and use their points to bid on a perfect experience near their home or around the world

    Ultimate Rewards Auctions

    • Cardholders can bid on one of the limited-time experiences available on Chase Freedom, Chase Sapphire and Ink from Chase cards exclusively through special auctions


    • With a huge selection of popular brands, cardmembers are bound to find exactly what they're looking for
    • Products and prices among the wide variety of items offered, includes the latest and greatest electronics, music, DVDs and much more
    • Enjoy excellent customer service and fast, convenient delivery options

    Gift Cards

    • Ultimate Rewards offers dozens of gift cards redeemable for electronics, fashion, books, home décor, dining, entertainment and more
    Gift Card Value:

    Choose from many of the most popular brands


    card valuepoints

    NOTE: Pricing/point value may vary


    Ultimate Rewards Mall

    • Earn up to 10 bonus points for every dollar spent online at the more than 400 retailers all conveniently located at the Ultimate Rewards Mall
    • Cardmembers can start all their online shopping at the Ultimate Rewards Mall and can earn up to 10 bonus points for every dollar spent
    • Also find great deals when  using the exclusive tools to compare products and prices among the wide variety of items offered—all at the same convenient site
    • Receive a deal of the week for its special bonus opportunities


    • Enjoy fast and easy restaurant reservations, at home and around the world
    • With Ultimate Rewards, reserving a table at a great restaurant
    • Simply log on to the Ultimate Rewards website and search by city, neighborhood, cuisine and price. Read Zagat ratings and reviews. Access OpenTable and make a reservation at more than 11,000 restaurants worldwide
  • American Express

    Membership Rewards Program

    With the Membership Rewards program, points are flexible, unlimited, and won't expire

    • Earn one point for virtually every dollar charged on eligible, enrolled American Express Cards
    • Three membership tiers
      • Membership rewards express
      • Membership rewards
      • Membership rewards First
    • Transfer points to participating frequent flyer or frequent guest programs
    • Redeem points for travel, shopping, and entertainment rewards
    • Earn up to 10X points in the Earn Points section
    • Earn 3X points when shopping through the Bonus Points Mall website (
      • Points can be redeemed for incredible rewards from the finest names in travel, shopping, dining, and entertainment

    Premium Features

    • Book Tavel online - Membership Rewards members can search for flights and hotel rooms, transfer points to corresponding Frequent Flyer or Frequent Guest programs, and book it entirely on the Membership Rewards website
    • Transfer Points for Award Travel - Membership Rewards members can transfer Membership Rewards points online to their favorite Frequent Flyer or Frequent Guest program accounts.
    • Variety of Travel Certificates - Membership Rewards members can choose form a wide variety of travel certifcates from car rentals, and spas to sport and adventure getaways

    Redeeming Points

    • Over 200 brands to choose from - Membership Rewards members redeem points for a wide selection of dining, shopping, and entertainment rewards and experiences.
    • Fly Any Airline Anytime - Membership Rewards members fly when they want where they want and on any airline they want by using Pay with Points. There are no restrictions, or blackout dates. Members can even pay for a part of the ticket with points and the rest with their card. Hotels, cruises, and vacations are also available.
    • Limited-Time Special Offers - Membership Rewards members can go to the Exclusives website for limited time offers on concert tickets, name-brand electronics, travel experiences, and more.
    • Vacations and Getaways - From weekend getaways to trips around the world, Membership Rewards members can use their points for one-of-a-kind travel experiences with American Express's partners.

    Eligible American Express Membership Rewards Credit Cards



    • Business Platinum Card
    • Business Gold Rewards Card
    • Business Green Rewards Card
    • Business Membership Rewards Card
    • Blue for Business Credit Card



  • Capital One

    Capital One No Hassle Points

    No Hassle Points

    • Earn points on every purchase made
    • No limit to the points cardmembers can earn
    • Points won't expire for the life of a member's account
    • Redeem for brand-name merchandise or gift cards

    • Redeem for airline tickets, vacation packages, hotels, and rental cars
  • Citi

    ThankYou Rewards

    ThankYou Rewards allows cardmembers to earn points in multiple ways and pool them in a single account to earn rewards faster

    • Cardmembers earn ThankYou Points when making purchases with an eligible Citi credit card
      • including an enrolled Citi Corporate Travel & Entertainment Card
    • Earn ThankYou Points when banking with Citibank with an enrolled checking account and other qualiying Citibank products and services
    • Earn ThankYou Points when shopping at over 600 top stores through the ThankYou Bonus Center
      • Points are earned when members shop online by linking through or in-store by using a Citi Credit Card

    Participating Rewards Credit Cards

    1. Citi Forward

    2. Citi mtvU Platinum Select Visa Card

    3. Citi ThankYou Preferred Card

    4. Citi ThankYou Premier Card

    5. Citi ThankYou Prestige Card

    6. AT&T Universal Rewards Card

    7. AT&T Universal Business Rewards Card


  • Wells Fargo

    Wells Fargo Rewards
    • Members earn one point for every dollar spent in eligible net purchases
    • Earn Bonus Points and get discounts online and in stores with the Earn More Mall
      • Boost earnings up 16X
      • Access special discounts
    • The Wells Fargo Rewards program offers members a wide variety of rewards choices
      • Travel
      • Gift cards
      • Cash rewards
      • Electronics
      • Home & Garden
      • Charitities
      • Green Rewards
      • Sports & Leisure
      • Toys & Games
    • Link multiple Wells Fargo Rewards programs together to get rewards faster
  • American Express

    Points from Blue Sky

    Points That Go The Extra Mile

    • Cardholders' can redeem their points every 7,500 points and will receive a $100 statement credit toward any airline ticket, hotel stay, or car rental - points worth up to 33% more than points on many other travel rewards cards

    Get points for virtually everything purchased with the Blue Sky Card

    • Members will accrue 1 point for each U.S. dollar of net purchases (purchases net of any credit adjustment) charged on their Blue Sky Card account
    • Cash and cash equivalent transactions and purchases (including balance transfers, convenience checks and cash advances), interest charges, fees and purchase credit adjustments do not earn/get/receive points
    • Enjoy no expiration date or limit on the number of points members can earn

    Rewards Free of Restrictions

    • Redeem travel rewards without advance planning, seat restrictions, or blackout dates - Enjoy free to travel anywhere, anytime
    • Redeem for a full statement credit on any travel purchase that are made whenever cardholders' have enough points

    Travel For Less

    • Save big with many leading travel providers like Marriott, and up to 20% at Hertz, with the Blue Savings Program
  • NFL (National Football League)

    NFL Extra Points
    • Earn 1 NFL Extra Point for every $1 spent on net purchases
    • 10,000 Bonus Points after first use
      • Bonus Points worth $100 in Cash Back statement credits
    • 2X points on NFL purchases
      • 2 points per $1 spent at, team pro-shops, and in-stadium
    • Redeem points for
      • Once in a lifetime experiences
      • Team memorabilia
      • Official NFL apparel and merchandise
      • Game day tickets
    • Save 20% when using the NFL card at
    • No interest financing on game or season ticket purchases when making payments on time and paying the balance in full in 6 months
      • Purchase must be $500 or more
    • 0% Intro APR on balance transfers and purchases for the first 12 months after account opening
    • No annual fee
    • No caps on earning points
  • Bank of America

    BankAmericard Power Rewards

    Bank of America Power Rewards

    • Earn 1 point for net purchases
    • Redeem for rewards like
      • Merchandise
      • Gift Cards
      • Travel Rewards
      • Car Rental Rewards
      • Hotel Rewards
      • Prepaid Rewards
      • Cruise Rewards
      • Cash Rewards
      • Redemption for Checks
      • Redemption For Statement Credit
      • Redemption for Payment on a Mortgage
      • Charitable Donations
      • MyConcierge Rewards
      • MyConcierge Personal Concierge Service

    Convenience and Financial Power

    • Toll-free priority service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • Emergency cash up to the available credit line
    • Emergency card replacement
    • ATM Access (Cirrus Network) at 160,000 locations
    • Cash advance checks and balance transfers
    • Credit Line increase decisions
    • Year-end summary of charges (available upon request and fees may apply)
    • Absolute Fraud Protection

    Emergency Cash

    • If cardholders are stranded anywhere in the world without cash or credit cards, call toll-free for emergency assistance
    • cardholders will receive emergency cash up to their available credit line which will be wired to a Western Union office within the United States or to a participating bank if the cardholders are outside the U.S.
    • Funds will be charged directly to their account as a cash advance and transaction fees may apply

    Emergency Card Replacement

    • If the credit card is lost or stolen while traveling, call toll-free at 1.800-421-2110 to report the loss or theft
    • Upon request, an emergency replacement card will be forwarded to the cardholder

     ATM Access (Cirrus Network)

    • The Cirrus Network is an electronic banking network that links automated teller machines and allows cardholders to get cash as they travel, 24 hours a day, seven days a week
    • Cirrus ATMs are available in more than 160,000 locations, including most major airports
    • To use the Cirrus Network, just insert the card in a machine displaying the Cirrus symbol, enter the personal identification number (PIN), and follow the machine's instructions
    • Cirrus machines can be located by calling toll-free 1.800.4CIRRUS (1.800.424.7787)

    Cash Advance Checks

    • Cardholders may write cash advance checks to access cash from their credit line
    • They look like personal checks and may be used any time a check is appropriate or for any purpose
    • The check will be charged to the cardholder's account as a cash advance and transaction fees may apply

    Credit Line Increase Decisions

    • When cardholders' request an increase in their credit line via telephone, Bank of America will respond immediately
    • Just call toll-free at 1.800.421.2110 to request the flexibility of a higher line of credit

    Balance Transfer

    • Pay off other credit card accounts. Just call toll-free at 1.888.800.6549. Cardholders' should state, which accounts they want to pay and Bank of America will transfer the balances to their BankAmericard Power Rewards account, subject to credit availability
    • Transaction fees may apply
    • Refer to the Credit Card Agreement for additional details

    Year-End Summary of Charges

    • To help with financial planning and tax reporting, cardholders may request a Year-End Summary of Charges which includes an itemized record of billing of the previous year
    • Customers use this summary to assist with budgeting expenses for the upcoming year, preparing for taxes, sorting business related expenses, or tracking seasonal spending
    • This service is available upon request and fees may apply

    Enhanced Fraud Protection

    • Sophisticated tracking systems automatically detect any unusual activity on the account
    • Bank of America will contact the cardholder if they detect anything suspicious

    Fraudulent Charge Protection

    • Cardholders are 100% covered against unauthorized use of their BankAmericard Power Rewards account
    • Contact 1.800.421.2110 if the card is ever lost or stolen






  • Fidelity Investments

    Fidelity Rewards Program (WorldPoints)

    Fidelity Investment Rewards American Express Card


    • Earn 2% on purchases deposited directly into cardmember's eligible Fidelity account
    • Connect it to a Fidelity Cash Management Account or brokerage account
    • Earn rewards by using the card for regular expenses, like gas and groceries


    Fidelity Retirement Rewards American Express Card


    • Earn 2% on purchases with the option to contribute to a Fidelity IRA as a current year contribution and the money will have the potential to grow tax-defferred toward cardmembers retirement savings goal


    Fidelity Investment 529 College Rewards American Express Card


    • Earn 2% on purchases to invest in one or more Fidelity 529 accounts, and the money will have the potential to grow tax-deferred toward cardmembers' college savings goal
    • Family members can link cards to their Fidelity-managed 529 accounts - great for grandparents

    Card Benefits for All Cards

    • 24-hour customer service
    • No annual fee
    • No limit on rewards
    • Retail purchase protection for merchandise
    • Zero liability fraud protection and identity theft recovery service
    • Travel and emergency assistance including car rental loss and damage insurance
  • Wells Fargo

    Wells Fargo BusinessLine Rewards Program

    BusinessLine or Wells Fargo Small Business Advantage line of credit customers have the opportunity to earn points towards rewards on business purchases

    • Earn 1 point for $1 spent in net eligible purchases with the
      • BusinessLine or
      • Wells Fargo Small Business Advantage Mastercard
    • There is no limit to the number of points cardholders can earn
    • Cardholders can choose the types of rewards they want to redeem for from hundreds of options including:
      • Three airline travel options
      • Cash rewards
      • Gift Cards
      • Travel Packages
      • Merchandise
      • Charitable donations 
    • More flexibility - Individuals can link rewards accounts and combine points when making redemptions
    • Earn bonus points up to 16 points per $1 spent by shopping with the BusinessLine or Wells Fargo Small Business Advantage MasterCard at participating merchants in the Earn More Mall
    • All gift card purchases made through the site offer free shipping and gift messaging
  • U.S. Bank

    U.S. Bank FlexPerks
    • The U.S. Bank FlexPerks credit card program allows cardholders to earn FlexPoints when they spend and use any of the FlexPerks credit cards for everyday purchases
    • Cardholders can redeem FlexPoints for
      • Airline award travel
      • Merchandise
      • Gift cards
      • Statement credits
  • PayPal

    eBay MasterCard Loyalty Program
    • 3x points/$1 spent on Gas & Restaurant purchases
    • 2x points/$1 spent on eBay & PayPal purchases
    • 1x points/$1 spent on all other MasterCard purchases

    The eBay MasterCard comes with these benefits

    • PayPal Integration
      • View Card spending and check rewards points from member's existing PayPal account
    • Get Verified
      • Members automatically become a verified PayPal member when they get their Card
    • Immediate Access
      • Get a 10-second credit decision and start shopping immediately on eBay
    • Safe Shopping
      • Cardmembers are protected if their eBay item is not received
        • Just notify GE Money Bank within 60 days of billing
    • Zero Liability
      • Don't worry—cardmember won't be liable for unauthorized purchases made with their eBay MasterCard
    • 24/7 Customer Service
      • East coast to west coast, wherever cardmember is in the U.S.—call anytime
    • No Annual Fee
      • See pricing and terms
    • Personalized Photo Card
      • Personalize the eBay MasterCard with a photo of the cardmember's choice


    Cardmembers save when they shop with PayPal Shopping partner merchants online



  • Bank of America

    • Take full advantage of a variety of WorldPoints reward choices
      •  Travel on major airlines
        •  with no blackout dates
      • Merchandise
      • Gift certificates
      • Discounts at key retailers
      • Car rentals
      • Hotels
      • Cash
    • Earn 1 point per $1 spent on every purchase made 
    • No limit on the points that can be earned
    • Use a WorldPoints credit card at the WorldPoints Mall to earn up to 10X bonus points