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Publicly launched in Dec of 2013 and based in St. Paul MN, RewardThePublic is a trusted platform that connects the right people with the right rewards programs. We offer a mutually-advantageous opportunity for consumers to benefit from rewards and deals, while empowering companies with our free marketing tools, allowing them to grow their rewards program memberships from increased exposure to the site's users.

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We strive to be the Internet's leading aggregator of rewards information, offering an unparalleled depth and breadth of rewards analysis and deals content. By continually surveying the rewards and deals landscape on a national level, we are able to provide clear, useful, and unbiased content to users.


To provide our members with objective rewards program and rewards card analysis,and to track personalized deals for your lifestyle! We offer convenient tools to assist our community of users in making the best spending decisions. is an independent website. Promotional relationships do not detract from the non-biased nature and objectivity of our information.

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Rewards program and rewards card information is displayed on category comparison tables, which allows our users to easily identify which rewards programs and rewards cards best fits their lifestyle and spending habits. We offer our users the ability to compare and sort rewards programs and rewards cards by the attributes most important to them. Our color coordinated system for displaying data allows for quick viewing and interpretation of large quantities of information, which greatly speeds up research processes for users. Comparison tables also allow users to 'Sign Up for desired rewards programs and rewards cards, convenient for all users.